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Everything You Need To Know About Polo Shirts

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While t-shirts are very popular among everyone, it’s not always suitable to wear on all occasions.  When it comes to looking professional and presentable, the proper attire for that are polo shirts, which are known to be used in company events or secondary uniforms due to its collared and button placket look. But since only a few people wear them, not everyone appreciates its importance in making you look professional. For those who are still not comfortable with polo shirts, here are some information about it.

Polo shirts are made of different fabrics depending on where they’ll be used, though originally, they were used by men playing golf or polo. But as years passed, they became open for all genders and ages and are worn in different occasions, especially if it requires people to look presentable.  They are also modern and trendy where you can wear it with jeans, shorts or skirts.

If you want a polo shirt for workplace, company events, or almost anywhere, cotton polo shirts are for you.  With its cotton material, they’re the cheapest yet comfortable ones of the bunch.  They can be worn by anybody and is cool and fresh despite the chaos of work. It also gives the impression that even if you’re seeking for a comfortable attire, you still thought of looking presentable to everyone.

The second type is more specific as they’re intended for athletes. Most of these polo shirts are made of polyester blends that create a jersey-like look while there are jersey knit polo shirts and nylon as well.  These shirts are lighter and resistant to stain, since athletes are prone to the harsh elements of nature and always on the move.

The last and third type is the silk polo shirts that are perfect for formal occasions such as church services or company presentations.  Since they’re made of silk, they give a shimmer that looks high-end.

With these types of polo shirts, you can use them in many occasions. As mentioned earlier, polo shirts can be used for company events or secondary uniforms in your workplace.  For athletes, they can be used while playing golf, polo, tennis, or badminton.  They’re also worn on Sunday services, family reunions, parties and baptisms.  These shirts are also perfect for those who want to have a more presentable look in their everyday life,

While wearing a blank polo shirt is good, wearing a customized one is better.  Creating custom polo t shirts can help identify an employee and his/her connection to a company by putting the name and position of the person on the left chest of the shirt and the company logo at the back.  For company events and advertising purposes, put the name, date, venue and tagline of the event in front and the company logo at the back. For athletes, the name of the player is placed on the front while the team name and logo is at the back. Most polo shirts are done in embroidery to make it more professional and lively

Now that you know more about polo shirts and its importance, make sure to have a few of them in your wardrobe that you can wear on any occasion.  You never know when an important event comes and requires you to use it. At least you could say you prepared and will never take them for granted anymore. And when you want to get polo shirts, whether blank or customized, you can get them from Shirt Magic.  With high-quality brands and an updated online designer, Shirt Magic will provide you with wonderful shirts that will make your employees or yourself look neat and clean.  If you want to know more about it, just visit Shirtmagic.

Event T-Shirts

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Create the best event t-shirts using Shirtmagic’s online t shirt designer. Your event t shirt design must be unique in its own way to make it look extraordinary and special. Whether your event t shirt is for a national celebration or just to promote a sporting event in school, you should still give some importance to the shirt design because it carries the message you want to convey.


Your event t shirts will be printed on your preferred shirt brand. At Shirtmagic, you can choose between Hanes, Gildan, District Threads and other top major brands. For hi-res prints, they will be processed using full-color digital printing method.


Try Shirtmagic now and get your event t shirts you designed yourself. Display your creativity sans the high price tag with your custom event t shirts.

Custom Printed Shirts For Fundraising Events

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When you’re running a fundraising event, I’m sure you’re looking for ways to maximize your budget and make the event special for your fellow organizers and the beneficiaries of the event. Here’s where you’ll be needing cheap t-shirts to help you raise the funds that you need for the event. You can sell them to generate more funds and use them at the same time to promote your event.

Here’s how it works:

Look for a shirt printing company that offers big discounts for every large order of custom t-shirts you place. Always check for reviews first. Not all shirt printing companies offer the same high quality of screenprinting services and you don’t just settle on ease of production. It’s still quality over quantity. Besides, you cannot convert low quality printed shirts into money.

Your event would be fabulous if quality is your top priority; you will make a good impression to your sponsors and audience if everything works out fine. Just always choose the right shirt printing company, like Shirt Magic, to take care of the shirts for your event.